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Taylor Townsend
Mama to Adyn
POSTPARTUM.... You hear so many things about what life after the baby is like, and to be honest, it can be fairly intimidating. Amazingly, being a professional tennis player, with all of the adversities I've had to face day in and day out, has prepared me for motherhood in a way. Routine is very important for athletes, and I've learned it's just the same for babies. Since creating a bedtime routine for Adyn, and I've noticed that he has been having longer stretches of sleep during the night. Our routine is tummy time, then bath, swaddle, bottle, sleep! It sounds simple, but being an athlete you try to master the art of “less is more.” Facing challenges on and off the court has allowed me to be able to mentally adjust and adapt to my new mommy duties. I was nervous at first, but just like playing on the biggest stages, once you get going, you realize “I GOT THIS!”
3 years ago
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