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Did you know that no two feeds or pumps of breast milk are ever the exact same? Yup, NEVER. Breast milk is constantly evolving and morphing by the minute to match baby's exact nutritional and immunological needs. There is an exchange that happens between parent and baby during each moment of connection. Connections as intricate as saliva suctioning into the nipple during feeding, and as simple as parents kissing baby's cheek, send special codes back and forth between baby and parent to ensure that breast milk is formulated specifically to baby's needs at any given moment. This happens for those that feed at the breast and those that exclusively pump! In fact, exclusive pumpers give us a glimpse at these changes when we get a peek at pumped breast milk throughout the day. Vitamins, fats, minerals, hormones, and more vary at each pump. This is why milk looks different each feed, like being watery or more creamy. Breast milk is ALWAYS different, always good, ALL of the time.


3 months ago


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