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Parenthood is the best thing ever, but it can also be the most EXHAUSTING thing ever! We are here to tell you that if you need a daily cup of coffee for a pick you up (from a breastfeeding perspective), you can drink up! We often get asked if caffeine goes through to breast milk. It does, but in very minimal amounts. When a parent consumes caffeine, it surfaces in breast milk within 15 minutes and reaches maximum concentration at one hour. Approximately only 1.5-3.2% of the caffeine consumed by parent transfers into breast milk. The recommended daily amount we typically see is 500mg which comes to about two large cups of coffee. However, what type of coffee is it? What type of consistency are the grounds? Is there some espresso up in there? So many things to consider! The recommended daily amount can also range from doctor to doctor, depending on who you ask. It’s important to examine what your normal caffeine tolerance was prior to pregnancy, the side effects in your own body, and your baby’s behavior when moving into the breastfeeding and postpartum period. Whether your favorite is coffee, tea, or soda––enjoy! As always, practice everything in moderation and observe your baby for any signs of increased irritability, prolonged periods of wakefulness, reflux-like symptoms like large amounts of spit up or fussiness at the breast, or if things just simply don’t jive for a couple days. If you notice any of this, you may need to taper off a few milligrams or look for a cool coffee replacement like green tea or mushroom powder! Every body is different and this is all trial and error. Be sure to discuss all things with your healthcare provider and get as many details as you need about baby’s or your own health as needed. That’s what they’re there for!
3 years ago
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