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Grace Mitchell
In preparing for the arrival of my first child, I was so overwhelmed with the massive amount of pregnancy, breastfeeding and baby gear to learn about (which I since realized can mostly be figured out along the way and there are only a handful of things you really NEED right when baby is born), that I didn’t think at all about preparing for the immediate effects on my postpartum body. I ended up having a c-section for my first, and then a vaginal delivery later with my second. With both, there were recovery periods I didn’t anticipate needing, and they were quite different from each other. The doctors and nurses were wonderful while I was still at the hospital, but were no longer available once I went home! So my advice to parents to-be is: Baby NEEDS a car seat (if you have a car), a safe place to sleep (they use cardboard boxes in some countries), and a few diapers. Most everything else you can get later as you get to know baby. Hopefully knowing that, it’ll give you a little time to research a few things about postpartum care before the time comes. Like, for example, if you deliver vaginally, you’ll want a few squirt bottles in your bathrooms because you can’t use toilet paper. Oh and also: Look into pelvic floor physical therapy after you’ve healed and have some semblance of a schedule. I learned that regardless of how your baby is delivered, PT is invaluable!
3 years ago
Claudia F
Great advice! Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Samantha Smith
Such great advice. There is so much stuff you get (it is overwhelming!), thinking you need, and then you only really use a handful of them.
3 years ago
Kate Berg
Proud Parent Supporter
I love this breakdown. No question there is burden of choice with all the things to buy. Also Origin (theoriginway.com) is genius for postpartum physical therapy. If you're in LA or SF, check them out in person. Otherwise, can book an online session!
3 years ago
Diana -Orenstein-image
Diana Orenstein
Wife, mom, sister, foodie, triathlete
This is great advice! Before my daughter was born I bought an expensive bassinet that she refused to sleep in! She probably would have preferred a cardboard box to that bassinet!
3 years ago