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Whitney Port
Mom. Designer. Founder
I think mom-guilt is inevitable for any mom – whether of a newborn or thirty-year-old. We are always thinking of the should-haves or could-haves when it comes to our kids, right? On top of that, when we aren’t being our own worst enemy, mom-shaming comes into play. How horrible is that?! I can speak first hand that judgment from others on how I parent is devastating. I am in a position where strangers have complete access to comment on my life. Yes, I am so grateful that I have built a platform for people to find support in motherhood, mental health, and more. But, at the same time, it can be really hard to receive “feedback” from people I do not know (and who really do not know me) on what I am doing to mother Sonny. From “I can’t believe you hold the door closed when he tries to come out of his room at 3 am” to “He looks like a girl! CUT HIS HAIR!” to “You really need to not cut his grapes like that…”— the judgement has felt overwhelming at times. I am trying really hard to not care what other people think in most of my life. This has become ESSENTIAL when it comes to what people think of my parenting. I am an amazing mother. My son is smart, beautiful, kind, hilarious, unique, talented, silly and so much more. This is contributed to the fact that I am mothering him the way he needs and the way I need to parent. (FACTS!) When you feel judged or unsupported by others, take a step back and look at your bubble. Your child is loved and you are doing the best you can each moment of each day. We do not need to let the comments, unsolicited advice, or opinions of others intrude on our worlds as parents. Stay true to yourself. P.S. I HIGHLY recommend you check out Cluster’s new feature called Office Hours!! They have all of their experts contributing certain amounts of hours each week to help you all out and answer your questions!! 100% free to sign up! Xo, Whit
3 years ago
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