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Cluster feeding. Longer, more frequent crying spells. A surge in fussiness and protests to environmental changes. Less and less sleep, with the time of day becoming a blur. Energy stores totally depleted and emotions at an all time high (or maybe what feels like an extreme low). Yes, babes. This IS normal: “newborn fog” is here! Your baby––once a happy little camper who seemed to only want to eat every couple of hours and be tightly wrapped in his swaddle––is now a screaming, demanding, inconsolable (dare we say it) human being! The experience has become all too real. You might be thinking “This is NOT the same baby we brought home from the hospital!” At this time it is very common for a breastfeeding parent to feel like they can’t do anything right. The demand of cluster feeding is exhausting. You might not feel as many changes in their breasts so “that must mean I’m not making enough milk.” For bottle feeding parents, there just isn’t enough time in the day to keep everything sanitized, the uncertainty of knowing when it’s too much or not enough milk, and the mere thought of waking up to make another bottle is a nightmare. Guys, we hear you!! These stressful shifts are completely normal throughout a newborn’s first year. Yes, you heard that right....it isn’t the last time this will happen! You MUST trust yourself at this vulnerable time. You are coming into your own as a parent. You are learning to listen to your baby and follow their lead. You are feeding on demand and you are timing their feedings just right. You know what your baby needs. Please don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional if you’re doubting yourself or feel like adjustments to your feeding or soothing plans need to be made. There are NO silly questions and that’s what we’re here for! You will learn to LOVE these new milestones each time they are reached, and you will celebrate each time you notice a new ability your baby has to communicate with you about their needs and you (yes, you!) can meet every single one of them! You are enough.
2 years ago
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