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Diana Orenstein
Wife, mom, sister, foodie, triathlete
For the first few months, my daughter spit-up ALL THE TIME. And I am not talking about a cute little dribble - she used to spit-up what felt like half of her whole feeding! The worst part was that I couldn't get through a morning without changing my shirt at least three times (as if I needed more laundry to do with a new baby!). It was so frustrating, but eventually I learned some strategies that seemed to help (holding her on my shoulder for 20 minutes after every feeding, covering myself in two layers of burp cloths), and over time she grew out of it and became a champion eater!
3 years ago
Erin McAfee
Fun Mom
Genius. I’m in the projectile puking stage all of a sudden and it’s only in the mornings. I always have a burp rag close but I think I’m going to double up based on your suggestion.
3 years ago
Diana Kinsella
I had a reflux baby too although he had less spit up and more pain. I don’t miss those days and I wish there were some better resources to help get us through those rough months!
3 years ago
K Rev
Learning and loving
What formula did you use to help the reflux ?
2 years ago