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Date coconut bites are the perfect way to fuel you during those long hours of the first days home. Medjool dates are the star of this snack, as natural sweetener with fiber, iron, copper, and potassium. They're also high in antioxidants! Recipe: 1 cup of dates ½ cup of sunflower seeds ½ cup of pumpkin seeds ¾ cup of oats ½ cup of coconut flakes 2 tbsp of cocoa powder Instructions: Cut dates into small pieces and remove seeds. Add to the food processor and pulse lightly into almost a paste like consistency. Remove from the food processor and add to a medium bowl. Add remaining dry ingredients to the food processor and pulse into coarse sand. Pour dry mixture over the date mixture in the bowl. Mix well with hands. Then grab about a tbsp of the mixture and roll with hands into small bite pieces. Add extra coconut flakes if you’d like. Feel free to refrigerate or freeze or enjoy right away!
3 years ago
Katie Rimland
Certified Natural Foods Chef, Health-Supportive Cooking
Yum! Would this work in a high speed blender if someone doesn't have a food processor on hand?
3 years ago
Kate Berg
Proud Parent Supporter
I made these and froze-- shockingly delish.
3 years ago