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Claire Olshan icon expert
My newborn baby girl is a fierce b*****. That was the only way to describe her the first month of her life. Obviously I loved her more than words, and wanted to cuddle and canoodle her all day long - but due to the insatiable hunger of a newborn my life was consumed by the drama, screaming and crying breastfeeding every 3 hours offers you. To begin, my left nipple was inverted and was producing 3x less milk then my right. I would have loved to just give up on it and spare the struggle but I have to say I pushed through the hardship: used nipple shields the first few days and sometimes pumped it for a second to get the nipple out and it worked. Another thing I did was I always started her on that side, baby’s suck is always double as strong on the first side so now at 8 weeks I’ve actually closed the gap on the production of the two breasts and I think we actually prefers that side.
3 years ago
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