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Moryah Lee
a year ago
Rachelle Fortin
Mother to an adorable baby boy
I've been getting that too... When I shake it up too. Trying out the the baby Brezza formula mixer to see if get less foam.
8 months ago
Caroline McGuigan
Boy Mom of 2
I have a Dr. Brown’s pitcher too and have noticed if I put the “blue piece” in the center lower on the rod. (I’m thinking it’s the 2nd or 3rd rung from the bottom) and mix slowly for about 40 seconds then let it sit for a minute or so the foam dissipates. I also spoon the foam out if I’m in a hurry. Even if there is a little foam in the bottles it typically goes away by the time I use them for feedings. Hope this helps!
10 months ago
ByHeart Team
Hi! Foam is totally safe (and totally normal!), but if you’d like to reduce, we recommend warming the water to approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal dissolvability. Feel free to reach to our Sleepless Squad with anymore questions, hello@byheart.com
a year ago
April Barker
Busy Mama
I mix mine for the 24 hours and the foam goes away (like with a latte) before my baby drinks it. I use dr browns but just burp more often if I am on the go I use a prince lionheart formula more we so I am not shaking. Also, I let the formula at home sit for 2 minutes after the initial mix so I am not adding so much air to get it to dissolve.
10 months ago
Katie Oganezov
Twin girl mom
I just mixed up a batch with 100 degree water and it still got foamy. I am using a Dr browns pitcher and previously used Enfamil formula in it which did not get foamy. Any other tips? I have really gassy twins.
a year ago