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Yvan Vandenplas icon expert
MD, PhD, Pediatric Gastroenterologist
Baby poop color differs according to the type of feeding your baby receives. During the first year of their life, your baby will go through a variety of poop colors, especially as their diet changes. Here's a quick guide for you to check as you stare into that diaper. The Normal Black and sticky: The very first few days with baby, their poop will likely be black and sticky. This is normal, and there's even a name for it specifically: "meconium." Yellow, orange, brown: All aspects of these shades are very common in breast-fed babies. Green(ish): Also completely normal, but often more common when baby is drinking formula where the protein has been either pre-digested or hydrolyzed. Dark Green: This could be due to iron supplements in baby's nutrition. Colors to look out for Red (blood spots): These would be a reason to consult your HCP (health care practitioner/pediatrician) for further analysis. However, if they are in small amount in healthy breastfed babies, this could be "allergic proctocolitis:" a benign condition that doesn't need a medical intervention in most cases. To be safe, however, consult your HCP if you see these spots.. Black (after those first few days): Could be a sign of digested blood. Consult with your HCP if you see those. White: White stools may indicate a liver problem, especially in combination with a yellow tint of the white of the eyes. Contact your HCP if you're seeing this color.
3 years ago
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