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Meagan Blakely
Learning Motherhood
2 years ago
Jennifer P
APRN mother of 2
3-4 oz is fine even my pediatrician told me to given them what they will drink especially if still hungry after finishing bottle
a year ago
Devyn H
Mommy to aeh
If it helps, my baby was eating a little more than that at 3 weeks and my pediatrician assured me I wasn’t over feeding! My baby does go through phases of how much she eats. Sometimes she won’t eat more than 3 ounces in a sitting, other times she will gulp down 7 😳
2 years ago
Lisa Davis
Mama of 3
Hi there! I have big eaters (3 kiddos), my youngest is 6 weeks. There are definitely feedings where they eat that much! I know it can be so stressful, also agree to ask your doc. However, my first Dr told me to limit feeding but my daughter was hungry! Needless to say I switched doctors :)
2 years ago
Megan S
New mom figuring it out
Are you measuring the amount based on the water volume or water plus powder volume? I believe you should be measuring based on just the water volume (before powder is added). My pediatrician told me you can’t overfeed a newborn.
2 years ago
ByHeart Team
Hi Meagan! Sorry to hear that you are stressing out. We recommend asking your pediatrician for their recommendation in terms of the exact amount of formula intake for your baby.
2 years ago