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Breastfeeding, especially in the early weeks postpartum, provides not only nutritional benefits but it also initiates a deeply personal and unique bond between the breastfeeding parent and their baby. Breastmilk is tailored specifically to your baby’s needs and changes in composition for each feeding, around the clock, as your baby develops. The hormonal communication between you and your baby is designed specifically by the two of you, your “dyad”, made up of two beautifully unique beings who have come together and formed this attachment. However, breastfeeding is not the only way you can bond deeply with your baby. Along with ByHeart, we at GoldiLacts believe that we do not raise beautiful humans because we feed them at the breast or on our chest; we are raise beautiful humans through the way we love. When you feed your baby that bottle while holding them close and making eye contact, you can be as deeply bonded to that child as any breast/chest feeding parent - especially if bottle feeding is done skin to skin! Skin to skin, especially during the gold hour after birth, initiates the flow of colostrum which is imperative for a strong start to breastfeeding relationship. Equally if not MORE important, though, skin to skin initiates the flow of oxytocin. Better known as “the love hormone”, oxytocin is responsible for connection and a yearning to nurture. This is so much more than a cuddle. When a baby is skin to skin, specifically with the birthing parent, oxytocin & prolactin are flowing, baby is warm, heartbeats & temperatures are regulating, the smells of one another’s goodness are being exchanged as they are soaking each other in, maybe some kisses for babe so the microbiome can be balanced with the exchange of good bacterias. When skin to skin with your babe, you can also guarantee there is easy access to the breast. Partners: please remember that latching isn’t the only way to love your baby! You are instrumental in providing the birthing parent with an environment where they feel supported by also taking time to bond with your baby through skin to skin contact, feeding baby bottles, swaddling, rocking, soothing, burping, diaper changing, and playing! Latching IS loving, but loving can happen in so many other ways as well. We can help you build an environment that fosters the bond you wish to have with your little one. We can help you navigate a relationship with your baby that helps you feel bonded, regardless of what feeding looks like. We are all in this together. With Love, The Candices of GoldiLacts
3 years ago
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