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Kathryn Fortunato
Co-Founder, Lizzie Fortunato Jewels
It sounds cliche but it’s true: there is nothing like meeting your baby in those very first mili-seconds, bringing them chest-to-chest, and having them find your boob. But that doesn’t mean that breastfeeding has to be the only way to bond as you get to know your new babe. When I had Johnny 10 months ago, I thought “of course I will breastfeed and it will be no big deal” but a bout of mastitis, under-production of milk, and sleep deprived weeks later I realized that while I was OK at breastfeeding, it wasn’t my ultimate bonding moment (I ended up breast feeding for 5 months and supplementing with formula the whole time because I never really made “enough”).  There were so many other precious moments that I treasured during those early months with Johnny: early morning cuddles together, bath time which always made him happy, a super tight swaddle - these bonding snippets will likely last much longer in my memory than bonding over breastfeeding.  Bonding is also part of a much longer journey! Johnny honestly did not even crack a smile until 5+ months. When all of the other babies in our orbit were smiling and laughing, he was straight-faced and serious. The moments that he first decided to smile and now his daily smiles and giggles (everything takes time, don’t compare to your friends!) and my ability to make him laugh, are the ultimate mama - baby bonding moments from year 1.
3 years ago
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