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Eastern food therapy x Western nutrition ttc, pregnancy & postpartum ready-to-eat meal delivery.
Makes 6 Portions Ingredients: 1/8 cup oats 1/2 cup 1+1 Flour or any GF Flour or regular flour if not GF 1 1/4 cup Beets, cooked + pureed 1 cup Dates, pitted 14oz chickpeas, cooked or canned 1/3 water 2-3 eggs 1 tsp of vanilla 1/4 cup of chocolate chips Directions: Soak dates in water for at least 20 minutes before using (an hour would be best). Grind oats to a fine flour, mix with 1+1 flour. Cook beets, peel and puree in blender or food processor, add pitted dates, cooked chickpeas and water (start with half and add more if needed) and blend again until it is a smooth puree. Move to a bowl and mix in vanilla and egg. Add dry ingredients (Oat flour and GF flour) to wet ingredients as well as the chocolate chips, then move to baking trays and sprinkle some more chocolate chips. Bake in half sheet trays and try to fill them up as much as possible so that the brownies are not too thin - they will not rise when baking. Bake for 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees.
2 years ago
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