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Paolo Manzoni icon expert
Did you ever wonder if there’s a link bridging together survival from the first hours of life, be it newborn babies, calfs, or lambs, or even rats? This link is Lactoferrin – the “magic” compound in mammals’ milk that protects all newborns from deadly infections soon after birth, once the “maternal womb shield” is no more active.  Lactoferrin is very abundant in colostrum (the milk produced in the first days), and remains highly represented in breastmilk in the weeks and months that follow—providing a natural defense against microbes and pathogens to all breastfed infants during those first critical months of life. For non-breastfed babies, the way to ensure they get lactoferrin in their diet is to supplement either through formula or through specific lactoferrin oral supplements. We know from several reliable studies that supplementation with lactoferrin significantly improves the outcomes of babies (who are not receiving it through breast milk), and that (conversely) babies receiving less lactoferrin than a certain threshold have significantly more infections than others. Not only this, but we also know that these benefits might last until possibly one year of age. Inspired by nature,mwe the more we try to mimic breast milk's composition, the closer we get to obtain at least a piece of the incredibly valuable health benefits that it delivers. Mimicking the model of Lactoferrin delivery to newborn babies and infants is certainly a way to narrow the gap between the perfection of nature, and the solutions that we have to provide when nature cannot be there.
3 years ago
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